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Congrats on your new addition!

I love animals ..we have 3 Dogs ,Dakota,Cheyenne and Chance.
Dakota will be 5yrs old Airedale Terrier female, Cheyenne 2yrs old ,Golden Retriever female and last but not least Chance are 1year old Airedale Terrier male.
All 3 of our dogs have been crate trained and have been through dog training from Puppy class -Advanced.
All of our dogs are high energy dogs that require a lot of exercise. We always
made sure when they were young to have the toileted every couple of hours.
Once dogs have accidents in their crates it gets harder to train them.
I know people who make arrangements to have their dogs walked or they take them to doggie day care. s it possible someone can stop by to let Kota out for exercise and do his business?
I know when our dogs were young we limited the amount to time they were left to their own devices. From the Dog Trainers they always stressed setting the puppy up for success ,so we have been mindful of giving them situations where they could do this.
Right now I'm in currently in Advance dog class working toward Therapy Dog Program in a Hospital setting.
I have reaped the benefits of all the time and effort I have put into them, some might think I'm a little obsessed but I think to may stable well balanced dogs they need to be mentally and physically challenged.The benefit to the family fewer problems with destructive behavior due to anxiety and boredom.
I am very blessed to have found an awesome training coach to take us to a higher level.
I also keep in touch with our breeder who has been a wealth of knowledge and support.
Good Luck with your Pup is Kota short for Dakota cuz that's what we call our girl for short !
Enjoy ,I miss Puppy Breath,Roo2 oh to prevent grazing time limit on feeding and they eat 3-4 times a day then wait awhile and then they need to go potty!
these things have been very helpful for us and always have water available!

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