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Tackling PCOS
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This tread is a great idea, thanks for starting it. Five pounds for February is doable! Don't beat yourself up too much, it's all just part of it.

Who is here this month?


How are you?

I'm okay, but not great. As I posted on another thread, Metformin is giving me headaches and tiredness. But, hey, I'm doing pretty well with the supplements.

How was last month?

I only started 2 weeks ago. I have only had one weigh-in which I lost 6 pounds. I go again Monday, but I don't feel like I've lost anything else. I don't want to blame Metformin for everything, but I also feel bloated.

I haven't had a period in a long time. The doctor thinks this will being them back, but I have no idea how long that will take.

How is your PCOS management last month?

Since being newly diagnosed, I'm just trying to read as much as I can. There is still a lot I don't understand. I am on a physician guided low carb, supplement program. It's put my poor body into shock, I think!

What are you going to work on in February?

Right now, I'm going week to week following a very rigid plan. In February, I'm going to add in foods with the supplements. My physician says I can start that anytime. As far as weight loss, I'd be joyful with 10lbs.

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