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I'll go first. I stick around this board because it's nice to know there's other women here who are struggling with the same thing and even if we're all different age groups and in different paths in treating our PCOS.

Who is here this month?

I am, but I'm totally procrastinating instead of working on my school project!

How are you?

Eh. Feeling fat. I'm still carrying around my extra 5 lbs that I gained over the holidays, which have me annoyed, frustrated, and clearly concerned they were not just "water" weight from eating too many carbs. Sadly, I wish I could say these were spent on really bad foods, but it wasn't. My family eats healthy and I just ate too much. I couldn't even blame the chocolate chocolate chip cake slice that someone posted on Facebook that looked delish.

How was last month?

Weight-wise, I just cemented the 5 lbs that I had gained over the holidays. Part of the problem is school, in the sense that I have been trying to meet deadlines and it keeps me from being proactive with my food, so I end up eating out. Sure, I may be picking "healthy" choices -- I don't do fast food anymore, period -- but it's still too much food. Ugh.

I did get my period, they have been pretty regular, which is good.

But I did notice that my hormones were out of whack at the end of January and my period was weird. I am convinced it's the extra five pounds and of course, the extra carby food I was eating. I got acne on my cheek, which I haven't gotten in ages since I clean up my food and got my hormones back to normal.

Yes, it's all signs that the food plan I was eating before -- Paleo -- was the key to some of this. I tried to do the Whole30 but that didn't last through the second day because I wasn't cooking due to school... blah blah blah blah excuses-cakes.

How is your PCOS management last month?

It's okay. I'm not binge-ing on cake or cookies, and I am definitively taking my supplements and eating as well as I can, but clearly not well enough with the 5 lb gain.

And we all know how hard it is to take weight off and damn it, it's always harder when you have to lose the weight you already lost in the first place.

Don't let yourself gain. Maintain it tooth and nail if you can.... even if you don't lose weight, just maintaining is such a win.

What are you going to work on in February?

I joined the "Lose 10 LBS BY MARCH 1" challenge but I'm trying to see if I can lose the damn 5 lbs this time around.

I know it's a short month and I can't remember the last time I lost 5 lbs in one month, but I'm committed to setting this back. So, it's a win if I can lose some pounds in the process and I'll be ecstatic if I can drop the 5.
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