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I have a great trick for kale chips, which I make and eat regularly. I bought a Misto olive oil sprayer (you can get them at Amazon, among other places) and use an ordinary 8 oz. water spray-bottle for the vinegar. That way, I coat the leaves very evenly and it only takes a minute instead of multiple minutes of "smooshing around" and making an icky mess of my hands. I don't use parchment - straight onto stainless steel cookie sheets (the kind with 1" sides all around, not just flat, because the kale sometimes slides around when I try to put it in the oven), and I agree that the key is to make a monolayer, even if that means using 2-3 cookie sheets for a single bag (or bunch) of kale. I also de-stem it, even the pre-chopped stuff, because the stems are the bitter part, and also become very tough when dried. Spicing, besides the oil-and-vinegar combo, is up to you: all kinds of seasoning mixtures work well, it just depends on what you like.

Megan, it's different with twins. Way less safe to keep exercising after the first trimester, as the extra strain on the cervix from 2 fetuses really ups the risk of pre-term labor. Jessica is doing the right thing even though it must be super-frustrating.

You don't drown in the river by falling in, but by failing to get back up.

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