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Susan, I truly hear you on the loose skin issue. I have a lot of that too. You do what is right for you! This is your journey, we're on the same path, but we each have to do what is right for us. My goodness, look how far you have come - no matter what you decide you are already a success. I know you are not leaving or giving up We need to keep supporting one another - I'm counting on you. If you stay with maintenance well you can have it figured out for when I get there

Ninjanurse - your new boots are awesome! In fact you inspired me to go looking for boots today too after work. However my calves are too big still for the kind of boots I'm looking for. I'm not going to settle for ankle highs so no boots for me yet. They will wait till I'm down some more lbs.

I did find some shoes I love. Italian leather - yes they were a true splurge that I didn't intend to do. I'm still trying to justify buying them.
only in a reddish/brown color. Nordstrom Rack is a discount store where they sell close outs, returns, or other. I didn't see any others like them, so I'm guessing they were a return. Anyway, I'm very happy. They will be going to GA on my trip! I tried on a couple dresses but decided I wouldn't get my monies worth out of them with my weight loss going on still. So I just had fun trying them on. I figure shoes will fit now even when I'm at goal, I've gone down a size already, and they aren't that much bigger than what I wore in high school.

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