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Originally Posted by chellez View Post
I'll have to look into that game. I went to gamestop and specifically asked for a game that I could remove certain exercises from because of my knees and the only thing they had in stock to suggest for fitness other than the $50 Nike+ game was Just Dance, Dance Central or Biggest Loser. I can't dance because of my two left feet so I suppose I chose the lesser of the three evils.

Bob made me do some lunges yesterday and kept saying "I'm noticing you're having trouble going deeper with these." Well duh computer Bob! I wish you'd let me tell you more about my knee problems!
Yeah, that was my biggest beef with TBL is lack of customization in the workouts. Sports Active might be hard to track down pre-owned. A lot of people were disappointed with the game, mostly due to tracking issues, plus there was the cost of the heart rate monitor, so i'm not sure how many people bought it. I enjoy it, in spite of the flaws tho. There are a few exercises I just can not get it to track properly, which is a bummer.
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