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Happy Birthday Reda!!!

Btw, did I miss the hole posting thing... is this the Holly and Tammy forum? Lol

Holly, I am not a "froo froo", but my "thing" is nails. I LOVE THEM!!! I love french, I love dark colors, I love hot pinks..... but I feel your pain on the cost of maintenance... and the whole "drilling" them that you have to go through to have them done..... eventually it hurts when they are so thin. BUT, I have gotten mine to grow out so I don't have to get the acrylic. BUT, I would suggest to you if you love nails like I do, just go to Wal Mart or somewhere right before your day off.... put some of the nailene or kiss nails on.... love them on your days off..... then maybe remove them at the first sign of them getting weak.... OR, there is a brand at Sallys beauty supply that you can do the "tip" but it is not acrylic so you can just keep them short.... they have black ones too!!!!! I will look tomorrow at the name brand.

Anyway, I love nails. Lol. When we go to a Rally and I don't have to be "professional" I usually have sparkly hot pink or black or something. Lol. It looks cooler when you wave at other bikers (like they are looking at your nails).... lol.

Well, I have some research to do b/c I am doing ANOTHER test..... will gab more later.

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