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S/C/G: 248.6/ticker/170

Height: 5'9


First name: Dina

Geographical location: Cincinnati, OH

Age: 20! (21 in March!)

Marital Status: Single

Children/Ages: None

Occupation: Student (English: Writing Studies and German double major)

Pets: None But I want a Welsh Corgi and German Shepherd

Hobbies/Interests: All things nerdy! Video games, comic books, movies, etc. I also love to sketch and write.

Height: 5'9

Eye/Hair Color: Brown/Brown

Starting Date of Weightloss Journey: We will say Jan. 2012

Starting Weight: 255

Present Weight: 214

Goal Weight: 170 for now. 150 ultimately.

Biggest hurdle to overcome in weightloss: Losing weight while in college! Also, cutting out Coke! Why do I love coke so much?

Following any specific plan: Nothing too particular. Just calorie counting.

What is different this time in your weight loss efforts than in the past: I think in the past it was more because I'm not comfortable in my skin. I think now it's more for medical reasons. I have PCOS and as many of you probably know weight loss is a big motivator to help deal with the symptoms that come along with it.

Anything else you would like to share with us: I'm excited to be here and I'd love to talk to people who are in college and juggling weight loss because I know that's a big struggle of mine.

ONEderland by my birthday (March 27th) MET 3/21!!

1 for every 10 lbs lost.

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