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Thank you all for your advice. Having more options to consider makes me feel better.

Are you using a broker for your own insurance?
I did not use a broker for my insurance. The broker for the job insurance says that I would need to be in 100% for the business to maintain coverage.

The other question is how secure do you think your job is? I would like to think my job is secure. I have worked here for 5 years but I have known my boss for several years. We worked together at another business and he recruited me when he took over operations here. To be honest, this situation makes me realize that no matter the history or friendship he would hang me out to dry.

I have always limited my job choices to larger companies with big group health plans. I know, healthcare decisions impact so many areas of our lives.

make him pay to add you on his insurance and keep paying for your own. It seems you all feel this is the best course of action. I like the idea and I will have to put on my negotiation hat for this. Since it is a small business and the Board of Directors will have to approve the pay out I will have to dig in my heels. If I can swing it I will definitely keep my mouth shut.

nads84 I have been searching my provider website for that information. I will have my work cut out for me this weekend.

Elvislover I got a lump in my throat My feelings exactly. I understand his desire to protect his family but what about mine? It is a tough position to be in and it angers me.
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