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Wow! Before reading this thread, I didn't realize there WAS a negative spin on soy! I use soy-based protein powder every day in my breakfast smoothie and I love it! I was once told at an Herbalife meeting that our bodies process more protein in non-animal sources. I can't recall the percentages, but it basically implied that even if cow milk has more protein, my body would absorb more of the vegetarian protein.

Damn...just when you have something figured out, eh!?

I personally will keep up with the soy. In regards to the soy milk, just make sure it doesn't have added sugar in it. I always get plain- it's tricky since it looks just like the Vanilla packs though!

Alright so, this week, I've had hummus and now soy milk derailed for me. If any of you ladies reveals that flax seed or anything similar is also harmful, I will hit my head on a wall :P
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