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Originally Posted by thatgirl77 View Post
well, apparently I am unable to send pm to anyone until i post ten more comments...Several of you have tried to message me and i am sorry ...I am unable to answer you at this time...I will post the link again for those who are having difficulty in finding the group IP board to join....I will need your Pinterest username to invite you but if you want to add any pins or can follow and pin from this board etc without joining the group. Here is the link for the group board....the recipes had to be copied and pasted into comment sections due to the length of recipe...Pinterest ony allows 500 characters in description box. Also, you can double-click onto some of the images and it will take you to the recipe... this is the link for the go to my boards and find the group board there is the link.... Do NOT click "follow all" unless you want to follow all 216 boards....just scroll down to the 26th board...its alphabetized and look for Ideal protein heading on board...and then click "follow' onto that board...Hope that helps...As for Pinterest help itself...there are great youtube tutorials now that demonstrate how to install the bookmak and "pin it' button and apps for all mobile devices too...trickier to install pin button on mobile devices...Sorry so long...will PM those that have messgaed mme when I can....Marie

I love pinterest =) i always looked for ip stuff I am now following you on there=)
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