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Finally in control.
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This used to drive me bonkers in the beginning but maybe I'm just used to it now. When I first started my diet, I would turn down alcohol and birthday cupcakes and everyone kept telling me that I needed to do everything in moderation. If one more person told me that I could eat anything in moderation I was going to lose it. Everyone was giving me advice on what I needed to do. I'm glad that I was able to ignore them and stick to my plan.

Now that I've lost so much weight, everyone has started asking me what I'm doing and they defer to my expertise. They don't want to listen to what I say because I have completely given up sugar. I don't drink alcohol, I don't eat grains, nuts, pasta, bread, potatoes...I'm being too extreme. That's fine. I'm not trying to convert anyone to my way of eating but this is what has been working for me and this is what has kept me from falling off the wagon. Because there's no sugar in my system, I don't physically crave it and that's how I'd like to keep it.

So now I just nod and smile at people and keep it moving.
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