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One more voice to encourage anyone who's thinking about it to give a try. I cut out almost ALL sugars for a year - even eliminating fruit and switching from milk to cream for my coffee. It was for specific health reasons, but I think almost anyone would see a worthwhile benefit.

I understand how tremendously impossible it might seem to some. It wasn't easy. (It probably helped quite a bit to have the health issue as a "crutch" keeping me compliant for the first several months.) But it's been so worth it. Not just for health reasons. I feel free. There is actually something incredibly freeing when I turn down sugary dessert offers now. I do believe at some point you can cross the rubicon -- you no longer feel deprived or even that you're telling yourself no. Instead, it feels like saying yes each time - yes to what's best for me, and I swear, I don't feel like I'm missing anything.

I realize this sounds a little loonie. Anyway, it's worth every bit of effort to try.

Edit - I'll add that I am less restrictive now. Still no refined sugars, though. The other side effect to having cut them out for so long? The occasional piece of fruit that I have is INCREDIBLE. Holy cow. I had a bite of my husband's pear yesterday and may or may not have been moaning semi-obscenely. I wasn't very fond of fruit before - I was the person who'd rather eat a veggie and then some kind of "real" sugar-y treat, none of this halfway stuff with a piece of fruit - so this is pretty dramatic.

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