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Default Giving up diet soda/splenda ???

I've been a calorie counter since I started my weight loss journey. At the beginning, I had to reign in my 3,000+ calorie days so I allowed myself to have diet sodas and TONS of splenda products. It helped me replace my bad food cravings for lower calorie foods.

Now that I'm reaching goal, I've been thinking about cutting back/out splenda and diet soda completely. I've been working on it for about a week and noticed my carb cravings (and other cravings) have been smaller/more manageable. Anyone else given up diet soda/splenda and noticed a change? Wondering if this is just my imagination. I may allow myself a diet soda in the future or add splenda to my oatmeal, etc. However, for now, I'm trying to cut out as much as possible.

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