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Food morning to you all. A little chilly this morning but should warm up and glorious sun again.

I am having nutra grain eggos with sf syrup and fresh sliced strawberries, yum! I found some great strawberries on sale at the commissary. You can get some great produce and some only so so. I don't buy oranges there as I haven't ever found them to be very good.

I put Jay's hat back on the needles after having ripped the whole thing out. I now have to set up the chart to intarsia the ND and the shamrocks onto the hat. Gonna be interesting to set it up since the pattern charts are separate.

We had a nice time at Kelly's last night. Kelly and Tom told us a couple of funny stories that kept us laughing. Next month is BBQ from the shop across the street from us. Kelly gets to do dessert this time and we buy the Q. I told Jack we would use it as our dinner out for the month so we could enjoy it.

Jean: Glad to see you back. Hope you had a grand time. I am sorry about Jason's teacher. Commissary shopping was wonderful yesterday. There was nobody there so we didn't have to fight people nor were they stocking so the aisles were clear. We breezed right through and no line at checkout either. The only thing I couldn't find was ff bologna I wanted. Guess I will have to get it at Walmart, which is the only place I have seen it. Brrrr, sounds like you have some real cold weather in store for you.

Maggie: My dd said her Kroger has jicama but that is clear across town. I guess next time we get together I will run to Kroger's first and see if they have any. She did say to try Whole Foods. I got the giggles over the gas cap episodes. Sounds like that traveling pants story.

Well, Jack is ready to start the rugs so I need to go. Have a grand day today. Faye
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