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Originally Posted by kaylae24 View Post
Hi! I am in my first week of IP and am having great results! (Already lost 9 lbs in 6 day!) I am thinking about switching over to the EAS Carb Control shakes because I am getting bored with the IP flavors already! I only like the chocolate one and am growing tired of it! The only difference I see between the two of them is IP has 9 carbs and EAS 3 and IP has 1.5 fats, EAS has 3 and EAS has 17 g of protein instead of 18 g will it really effect me that much if I make the switch? Also does anyone know if snack is mandatory. Because I am not always hungry so don't always feel like eating it? Any help with this is much appreciated! I buy online so I don't have a "coach" to ask and I am constantly researching to learn as much as I can.
Hi Kaylae24. You're off to a great start! Congrats!

I also used alternative products for most of my journey. I'm in my 60s and had probably totally $crewed up my metabolism by now with so many yo-yo dieting efforts over the past 30 years, so my weight loss was slower than most.... but here I am -50lbs. Proof that you can certainly succeed on this program while using alternatives. And many, many others here have done the same.

I went through the same process as you, trying to figure out what would be suitable alternatives. You may find my blog useful, as it's designed for those who are in this exact situation. The link is in my signature line below.

And I did use EAS RTDs from time to time. A lot of the dieters following the IP protocol but using alternative products do. Pure Protein RTDs are also good substitutes.

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