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olehcat I also find dinner much harder than the other meals of the day. I'm constantly making things that are outside the realm of chicken & veggies, because my husband would never stand for that. Truth be told, I can't really do chicken more than twice a week, or three times max, or else he'll be sure to complain about it. Lately I've been doing a lot of comfort type food, meat pies, lasagne, sloppy joes, etc. Sometimes I'll watch my portion size, or sometimes I just modify the meal slightly for me. Like last night, I had a sloppy joe salad. I literally just threw the sloppy stuff on top of lettuce and mixed it up. It was actually really good, I was skeptical that it would just be plain weird. I'm much more lenient now, and haven't been watching carbs the way I was back in the summer / early fall, and have switched my focus to portions instead.

sontaikle Going off of krampus' comment on the slides, did you interview with Google? What sort of IT work do you do? I'm a software developer, and I interviewed with them a couple of years ago. Unfortunately, I bombed the phone interview, because I wasn't really ready when I applied (was not actively looking, a recruiter contacted me), and their interview material is so heavily based on principles I used in university, but don't get to apply much to my every day work. I didn't have much time to study, as my daughter was much more clingy then. Maybe I should give it another go sometime. I have found that I prefer the larger companies in this industry, and I have been with the same tiny company I'm with now for 4.5 years, so I've been contemplating change.

Bayzee Good for you on the AM workouts. I can never convince myself to work out at the end of the day, so I do the same. But it is tough dragging yourself out of bed, especially when you already have to wake up early.

LockItUp Nice to hear you are almost back to your lowest weight! Keep it up

Krampus I do miss the restaurant pasta too. Pasta was always my favourite thing to eat, and I rarely eat it anymore.

Turbo That picture is actually from September, I just decided to update it now. I was skinnier then, and so for some reason, I don't feel I look as good now as I did in that picture. But surely 10 pounds wouldn't make THAT much of a difference in my face. In any case, it's not a clear reflection of myself either way. I totally neglect ever doing anything to my hair, aside from brushing it, so I purposely went for a haircut that day so that it would be freshly straitened and neat looking for a family photo (I cropped my husband and daughter out before posting it here).

It's cold here too, but supposed to go above 0 tomorrow. Unfortunately, I was hoping to take my daughter sledding with a friend and his daughter, and we'll have to see if the snow sticks around for that. Our back up plan is to just go swimming at a rec centre.

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