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Staying the Same
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TGIF + 3 day weekend!

I abstained from drink last night, dragged my a$$ out of bed this morning to lift, mildly tweaked something in my shoulder, and was rewarded with a 0.2 lb increase on the scale. Greeeeeeeat. Whatever...had a really good time jamming and playing music with my roomie and another friend who plays guitar/keyboard/harmonica. I broke my E string and need to get a replacement T_T

Tomorrow is WING WARS which means eating 20 wings with a bunch of dudes who are all taller than six feet and over 220 pounds (and one guy's really skinny girlfriend who never eats - I seriously have never seen her eat!). Sunday is a big drunken potluck/housewarming party at my friend's new place.

I wrote a super long post yesterday and closed the window like a genius. Derp! Personals ahoy:

LockItUp Nicely done! I want muffins now...I do have fun plans for the weekend, forgot to mention tonight my Russian friend is having a fortune telling type party. I need to calm down and take it easy!

Bayzee Yeahhhhh boozehounds! Well done getting OP and staying there this week, even with early morning workouts. I like exercising before work too though I never get a FULL workout because I'm always staying in bed too long. I don't know much about protein powder but Stevia allergies are real - my bf gets crazy rashes and itchy face from Stevia. Thanks for the support - it was being around someone with COPD (bf's mom's bf) that really kind of got the alarms ringing. I'm sorry you lost your dad to such a terrible disease.

sontaikle I'm glad the interview went well! I have heard they have slides and stuff in the building there. I am obviously on team "go see how it is" if you get the job - I moved to Japan without ever having been there and ended up having a fantastic time for three years, who knows what fun you could have in WI!

olehcat Depending on what you had for lunch, that might not be SO bad - but it is hard to exercise control when you're tired and stressed. When it's busy here I go home and eat huge sandwiches at the bar! I don't think I'm wise so much as "need to keep telling myself things" and then wind up saying them out loud.

TurboMammoth If I'm benched or injured and can't run I feel SO PISSED when I see joggers outside - I'm really sorry you're going through a tough time with the running now, but at least you're back into abs and arms and have applied for jobs! I have had terrible poops all week - none have been even a little satisfying!

JessicaB Being conscientious of what we're eating totally counts for a lot. Some days I'll eat 2000000000 bits and bobs of junk food and be stuffed - but then I'll choke down vegetables on top of it all That's hilarious about your past criteria for selecting a restaurant meal - I used to ONLY EVER get pasta at restaurants. I miss being able to do that with a clear conscience and not think about it.

Alexistrophic I hope things go well with SAG. Fighting genetics sucks, I think "genetically speaking" I should be like 30 lbs heavier. Well done on dropping water weight and staying OP...hope your weekend will be eventful and fun!

Dorian5 I cheat and use an e-cig so I didn't have to endure the SUGAR CRAVINGS that came with quitting - when I stopped for a few months in college though I definitely remember shoveling candy bars into my face at alarming rates. I am talking to you on FB chat right now but I think my vice is red wine and chocolate...good luck giving either or both up for more than 24 hours.

JossFit I see you've lost 4.8 lbs of water weight...I am totally going to be right about 5-10 lbs of cheesecake! How are you finding the new plan and the workouts so far? That salad does sound like something I'd make...though I've been slacking on making lunches this week and I don't really like to have salad for dinner - dinner has to be hot. Negative/slow lifts are GRUELING, I hate them because I think I rely on explosive movements and gravity so much normally. But I bet the difference in workouts will get things moving for you!
Push on some more!

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