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Leveling Up
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Hi again everyone!! I had the phone interview and I think it went ok. They said I should hear in two weeks if they want to progress further. It sounds like a really fun place to work, so I'm crossing my fingers!

Thanks for the words of encouragement. It DOES seem scary to even think about moving so far, but as you all said I could come back if things don't work out. I've been applying to places here still, but considering other states for teaching (I hear Virginia grabs NY certified teachers) because the opportunities here are pretty grim. I did get a subbing job in the district I live right next to, so that might lead to a permanent position, but I guess it's a wait and see from here on out.

Joss - Thank you for the advice! I do need to get out there and experience the world a bit. I've traveled, but never lived other places! Now's the time! Congrats on dropping those lbs!!

Dorian5 - Yay!! You're back! Isn't Dark chocolate supposed to suppress appetite? I may have that wrong. I love it too though, and I think I want to start eating some squares here and there 4 Part time jobs is confusing, but I managed it. So far one of them didn't quite start yet, but I can't wait until it does. Video game wise I just finished Assassin's Creed III! I love that series

Alexistropic - Thank you!! I hope all of this works out. If not for the job then another job hopefully. congrats on sticking to plan and dropping the water weight!

TurboMammoth - I had the interview and it sounds like a fun place to work. The tech field always seems to be that way with some of these big companies, so getting in one of them might be a nice place to be! And I do love shopping now! clothes shopping is too fun…I purposely got an Old Navy credit card so I could get rewards in the form of free clothes!

JessicaB - Yes, you're totally right! I could always move back. It would probably be easier to do that then to move somewhere else where I don't have friends and family I could crash with Crossing my fingers that this all works out!!

olehcat - It sounds like fun moving around like that! I always envied people who just picked up and moved. It sounded like they had exciting lives Don't worry about what you ate! tomorrow is a new day and a new clean slate!

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