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oh boy, I got behind the last day or so! I've been too tired to do much more than skim on this chat from my phone!

I'll try to do a few personals, but please forgive me if I miss you!!! Not intentional, just very tired this evening! Also, I screwed things up. I was VERY tired and stressed when I got home (trigger for overeating) and I had more than half of a frozen pizza. And 2 glasses of wine. Yay, me! Not. *sigh* HAVE to get this under control. At least during the week. That's all I ask, right?

@bayzee - yay, a drop!

@Turbo - I would NEVER laugh at anyone doing kneeling push-ups! That's all I can do! I have tiny, weakling arms as well! And I agree - it's a great feeling when you're back in control. I feel the opposite right now, lol. I WAS in great control and then went back to type. Ugh.

@ALex -- oooh, what do you eat in a day (snacks, meals, etc.) So you have scrambled eggs and fruit for breakfast, chicken breast and avocado for lunch, what else? I can do all that SO easily, but I falter in the evening. In the evening I want something that doesn't taste bland, that is satisfying in some level that I don't know how to describe. Very spicy or very fatty or all of the above. Ugh. So it would never work to expect to have a chicken breast and veggies for DINNER. Lunch? Yes. But dinner it's like I need something more "exciting." I need to find that perfect diet food that I am excited enough by to have for dinner every night. Sorry, babbling! And as for singing, I think I WAS good once upon a time, but I haven't used my voice in along time and I'm very rusty!

@Dorian - HI! I didn't know ou when you were here before, but am loving your posts. My big downfall thingie is wine. Oh gosh, let me tell you. I can give up chocolate and candy and sugar of all kinds and fried foods galore, but I can't seem to give up wine for more than a few days at a time. It's so freaking satisfying to me. I have lost weight if I have wine and I do everything else right, but I do bet that it slows me down still. Aww...Lookit your puppy! So cute! And yep, you SO GET IT, that feeling of wanting/needing to call for Chinese food and even going so far as to almost order online, then valiantly closing the window and saying NO. Then angsting about. I did win a lot of those battles, although not all!

@sontaikle - I have no sage advice, since when I was younger I used to pick up and move like that and of course i don't regret it. My ex-husband and I even did that to move to new countries a few times! I am glad in the end that I had all those adventures, so I guess my advice would be to go for it. If it doesn't work out and you get homesick, you could always go back home!

@kakers - yay, weight dropping! I had that happen but then had a few baddish days of eating. Not terrible, but just not good choices in the evenings.

@krampus - You know what? You are very wise. I sort of like that idea of telling myself "[insert food that makes me gain weight] will still be there when you lose the weight!" Huh. I need to think through that!

@jossfit - It sounds like you're off to a great stop and dropping some of hte water weight already! Go you!!!! I didn't do too great at my friends' house. I had THREE slices of homemade pizza, several chips and hummus, and a mini tart-pie. So a carb-fest extraordinaire. It was all divine. Unlike the half of frozen pizza I had tonight which actually tasted terrible. Ugh. And I actually do like Greek yogurt completely plain! I might mix blueberries in sometimes, but I'm a weirdo! I don't like the sweetners or fake fruit stuff they put in flavored yogurts!
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