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Turbo ~ Hurray for being back on the wagon! That extra weight'll just fall right off. I'm with you in being up a weight decade, but hopefully that'll drop down soon. I do enjoy Miss Dalia and her lifting. And yes, feminism says "I'm doing this for myself." and you're right that it is nice to have a goal. lol - Have you eaten your pineapple yet?

kakers ~ Smack duly received. Strangelly, after the time I spent not eating well, it's been pretty easy to get back into the swing of things. How does your gymnastics program work? Is it monthly or quarterly? Love that kind of stuff and it's super that you're doing it for yourself.

Sontaikle ~ Go for the job!!! Madison's a great area and the cost of living is super low. If nothing else, ace the interview and make them BEG you to come over. (You can always decline if you get cold feet, but you seem like the kind of girl that'd be up for a challenge.) It just seems like a great opportunity all around. Good luck!!!

Joss ~ So you like the bones of steel, then. I saw your comment about Ms. Dalia and I can see how she might be a bit thin for some people's tastes. The comparison question was grasping at straws and I agree that she is quite thin in general. I actually think she looks great and I'd love to look like that, but I don't think that's realistic for me, either.

On the topic of weight, I've actually discussed the whole weight issue with the SAG and his "excuse" was two-fold. First, "I'm the right weight to do my job." Fine. And second: "You can try to fight genetics, but you'll lose..." And that is where I threw a bit of a fit. Excuse me? I fight genetics every damn day... Don't you TELL Me that it's not possible to fight genetics. But he did look a bit bigger last time I saw him and I'm hoping that it might just be that it's never been a priority for him to take care of himself like that. Although *see comment below*

Day #3 on 17 Day Plan - Cycle 1
I'm feeling fantastic. Got up and made scrambled eggs this morning, then had my two servings of fruit (which do wonders for me in the digestive arena) and am tackling work like a pro. I forget how dang good it feels to be focused sharp and eating well. Packed a lunch of chicken breast + celery + avocado. Lookin' forward to it, too!

I've dropped about 5lbs of "water weight" so that's a great feeling, too. Am just trying to stay super disciplined on the food plan. So far, so good!

On and up!
The only thing standing between you and your goal is the story you tell yourself about why you haven't gotten there yet.

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