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Am I the only one who wants to eat & eat when she's in a room that is very cold? I've struggled with the temperature in my apartment, which is steam-heated, though with the radiators hidden in the walls. When winter finally arrived, and the radiators heated up for the first time, I found it was so stifling in here that the candles that I've stuck into the wall sconces were bending and drooping, and remained soft enough for me to take them down & straighten them. So when my mother visited, we both painstakingly pried off the wall grates and turned the knobs to shut down the radiators. But we seem to have shut down too many because during the daytime -- as with today, after sleet and snow -- there's a slightly dank chill in the air. It's good for my antique furniture but it's hard because I'm sedentary & just typing on a keyboard, so I'm not moving around enough to give off heat. And I'm certain that it makes me eat more. I shudder after cold drinks. Probably I should go for the herbal tea but -- I'm really not an herbal tea type of person.

Shannon, I'm somehow fascinated that you were actually able to trace the source of your illness. And yes, who could blame that woman for working while ill?

I'm another one who's salaried. At the start of every year, my employer gives us a batch of PTO days (for "paid time off"), which aren't designated as sick days or vacation days. Since I've worked here a while, I get about 30 of them. They are just neutral days off that you use when needed. I tend to rarely use mine for sick days, since my department has a fairly flexible work-from-home policy. When I take a sick day, I am really sick. But really, I don't get sick as often as I did when I was fat. My male coworkers who work from home a lot & have grade school children get sick a lot.

My co-op just chartered a bus yesterday to attend another meeting of the municipal zoning board, to once again beg for permission to raise our flood wall. The neighboring apartment complexes and people who own houses and who have also been flooded also appeared to voice their opposition. Our engineer has sent along voluminous reports that show that our displacing the flood water will not affect them. Two members of the zoning board who spoke up during the meeting seem favorably inclined. The opposition got a one-week extension for delivery of further materials ... but the board plans to make a decision on February 19th.

Anyway, I got in from that late-running meeting at 9 PM, unhappy at getting to bed late, knowing I've got a full day today, which includes my year-end performance review and also, a conversation about a managerial position in my department that just opened up. It was a fact-finding conversation, not officially part of the interview process, but I knew it was important. The guy with whom I spoke beat me out for the previous management position that opened up. I tried to reassure him that if I got the new position, I'd consider us collaborators, rather than competitors. I do have a competitive nature at the office. If only I were able to think of him as someone on this board who's lost a lot of weight & struggles with maintenance, then truly I would be collaborating with him as an equal & brother.
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