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Originally Posted by Megan1982 View Post
Jen, when I get in this state there are usually buffets involved in the dreams and they are about eating a lot of food. Though more often trying to eat the food than doing. Like the paper plate collapsing or getting kicked off the bachelor, something is keeping me from it.
That's really interesting that the dreams seem similar but that I was stuffing myself and you don't get to eat! I only remember having a dream like this once before (early on) where I was walking from Wendy's and cramming french fries in my mouth and I KNEW I should stop, but I COULDN'T.

Shannon - Hard to tell with my friend - hoping she will call today. I am trying to respect her grief but he was SO TERRIBLE to her that I want her to be mad at him instead of sad. She asked that in lieu of flowers that donations be made to a local drug/alcohol treatment program, and I thought that was awesome.

Speaking of the Walking Dead, I love this show but we watch it when it comes out on DVD so I've seen none of season 3 - so no spoilers, please! I love, love, love getting scared - and scaring people. I am infamous for hiding in closets and jumping out and scaring people or under things and grabbing ankes - I'm a sick puppy!


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