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Speaking of food dreams... I do get them occasionally, but only ever when I have been in losing mode and restricting calories quite low (bc in order to lose, I can't "just make better choices" and there is some hunger involved). Last night I had a dream about a Chinese buffet. There were really flimsy paper plates and every time I served myself something, the plate would fold or buckle, food would slide off, and I never got to eat. Once I had a dream I was a contestant on the bachelor. I had no interest in the bachelor bc I still had my real-life BF, but I didn't want to get eliminated bc they had a big dessert buffet with this delicious chocolate cake. Jen, when I get in this state there are usually buffets involved in the dreams and they are about eating a lot of food. Though more often trying to eat the food than doing. Like the paper plate collapsing or getting kicked off the bachelor, something is keeping me from it.

Janelle, I don't know if you're comfortable enough with your boss to do this, but perhaps meet ridiculous behavior with ridiculous behavior. If he is going to leave his door wide open when it's this cold, you & the other techs wear snuggies to work, or wear hats and gloves and coats the whole day, etc. Or tell him if he's going to keep it that cold, he needs to let you bring in a microwave to heat up tea to keep you warm. Or install a padlock on the outside of the door in the middle of the night so he can't open it. Brrrr.

How did I miss the imagine of Saef fighting the zombies for her Prozac? I can see the tank top showing off your nicely toned upper body, too. Love it!
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