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Originally Posted by ParkTrot View Post
Although muscle work can make you retain water, I don't think that on average it makes that big of a difference in people who work out as much as these guys do. They're doing some form of lifting every day, so the water retention is going to be there wether they do it that day, or the day before.

For me I Crossfit 6 days a week, there is almost ALWAYS some form of lifting involved. I weigh daily, and truth be told I rarely see my lifting effect the scale. If there is water weight there it's well, always there cause I lift every day. Even if there is a jump from water weight, I can't really pin point when it will happen. More typically it will happen on a rest day, but that's just my body personally.

I could be totally off base, but that's just my two cents from personal experience!
Odd, because everytime I weight lift the numbers are insane! Way larger the next day. Whenever i do cardio though, its not really affected at all.
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