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Krampus - I'm definitely feeling that January is NOT my month. Kinda sad I had an easier time of it through Thanksgiving, Christmas, and even New Years Eve.

Alexistrophic - HA! Doctors are SOOOO helpful when it comes to advice *sarcasm*. The GOOD things of course is that pretty much all that stuff is totally not hard to change. Still, I know that was probably discouraging. The other good thing is that luckily you are knowledgeable about that stuff and you know what to do. Can you imagine getting back less than desirable numbers and having the doc tell you to "watch what you eat", and really not knowing really what to do to help yourself.

Olehcat - Your wine substitute does sound yummy. I would miss the actual buzz though. I think that's why I switched to mixed drinks, hard alcohol with 0 calorie mixer. I do have wine with a friend sometimes, I love wine. I really love beer, but man I just can't justify the calories (though I've been a hog lately).

OhThePlaces - So glad you had a fab time! Happy you're back though! But what is this "gym" place you speak of, I know not of such a place because I'm so lazy!

- It's not fair. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Like 20+++ pounds ago I could eat like crap for a few days and come out the other end like 2 pounds up, and it would be off in a day or so. Now I have 1 bad day I go up 4 pounds and it takes a hundred million years to get it off. It's kind of miserable how much HUGER one measly pound can make you feel the smaller you get.

I'm sick AGAIN! Dear lord. I ate like serious CRAP yesterday; fast food for lunch, pizza for dinner. And nothing low cal either, lunch was probably a good 1200 calories, dinner was probably as much! I feel like crap in every way today. Trying to get back on track. It's only 9:30am, on track so far, but there's a lonnnnnnnnnnnnng way to go. Send me good vibes because I was up 4 pounds today, which is up 6 pounds from my lowest weight a week or so ago. That's unacceptable.
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