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Staying the Same
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Hey Feathers!

Had a nice weights workout before work though as usual I was running behind on time and had to cut it short (and was still late to work even though I didn't shower...yum!). I need to cool it with the wine and bar snacks, but my roommate had her first day teaching at her new preschool yesterday and came home in tears so I went out with her.

I'm feeling beat today...probably ovulating. Planning to hit up Trader Joe's with my boyfriend after work which is always way more exciting than grocery shopping with normal people probably is. I am going to load up on kale and high protein tofu and cheese and heirloom tomatoes.

Alexistrophic Dang girl that's like 500 calories a day, how are you supposed to work out or focus at work on that little food? Sorry you had a scary doctor's visit sucks seeing the consequences of less than stellar food choices like that. How are you feeling? Less sore?

olehcat Interesting idea for a wine substitute. I'd like the buzz included, though...

OhThePlaces Sounds like a fun weekend! Glad you made it there and back safely!

Bayzee Hang in there, January is the worst time of year to feel motivated about anything let alone diet and exercise post-vacation!
Push on some more!
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