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Good morning ladies! It is another very cold day here for us. I think it might be 30 right now. Jack bought all the ice cream salt the store had last night and put it all over the deck and the walk to the garage. He left and got to work the same time as always so I guess the roads aren't bad.

Whoopee, I got the replacement cutters and foils for my razor. They sent me purple ones and mine is mint green, but I don't care. At least my legs won't get hacked up everytime I shave them. I always shave my legs the day before a dr appt and go to the dr's looking like I was attacked by an axe or something. My sister says I ought to be thankful as she has to shave her legs daily. I guess I am since I only have to do it about once every 6 weeks or so and then not much.

Maggie: I know your WW meeting will show you are down. Didn't they raise the prices recently? I looked at the online site and it is more expensive than the last time I had online service. It isn't worth the expense for me to even do online. We just have to take the time to read labels and such. We are still doing the old style pts system and like it just fine. Jack made an app for his phone so we can do pts in the grocery store since my pts calculator went belly up about a year ago. Fortune is like that when he has been kenneled. We will have to kennel him for the cruise. I can't ask Kelly to keep him anymore since their dog has passed. I just wouldn't feel right about it.

Jean: Don't rub it in! I want spring so bad I can taste it.

I had scrambled eggs with mushrooms and a tbl of salad crumbled bacon for breakfast. It was really good. I try and change up my breakfast so I don't get bored. I eat a lot of oatmeal, have nutra grain eggo waffles and sf syrup and eggs with veggies most of the time. I bought 3 really yummy ww meals last weekend. I really hated their meals, but they must have reworked them because these were great. I got a mexican rice and beans medley, mac and cheese which I put a one serving can of tuna into it, and spag and meat sauce. Since I have pretty much quit eating mash pot and pot in general at dinner, the carbs for lunch are ok. I am going to leave here and find a nice salsbury steak recipe for dinner tonight.

I guess I better go. I don't have cleaning or daily chores done. Hope you all have a great day. Faye
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