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S/C/G: Lose body fat

Height: 5' 3"


Happy Monday Feathers! Hope everyone had a great weekend!

I'm doing ok with eating and great with workouts. But, I still don't feel "right" or motivated right now. I have to push myself hard to stay OP.
My weight isn't budging and I'm hoping it's only from heavier lifting, and I change in my workouts.

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Joss...Hope you're having a blast! Can't wait to hear about the K.O. plan.

Lockitup...The smaller you get, the harder it is to stay within calories...especially when working out very hard. Feathers can gain weight by looking at food! LOL! You are an inspiration and you will get there!

Krampus...I've been to Binghampton. Sad, but true! LOL! But we did some great camping in the Finger Lakes area. You should check it out this summer.

Turbo...Shake it girl! I love your determination to get back on track! Way to go!

Alex...I'm feeling your weight lifting dilemna. My weight hasn't moved despite being pretty on track and working out. I am lifting heavier now than usual, so I'm hoping that's what it is. Oh...Take measurements and pics...that will be your "scale".

Olecat...I can so tell you are frustrated. Hang in there! When I started eating clean, I did "the 17 day diet". It helped me change my eating habits, and is an excellent starting point for losing weight with clean eating. It's not a counting "obsession" program, which was what I needed at the time. I highly recommend the book, and I still eat fairly close to how I would in Phase 1 and 2 of the program.
The concept is simple:
It's 2 fruits (before 2 p.m.), 2 n/f greek yogurts, lean protein and veggies at every meal, drink water, drink green tea, take fish oil or flaxseed and a multivitamin.
I honestly try to follow this way of eating as a lifestyle, not a diet. It does take some planning and I'm not perfect at it, but it works. Oh...and I still had and have wine on the weekends

LeilaJay, Mottainai and Chickie...where are you feathers?

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