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Originally Posted by betsy2013 View Post
Oh yes, I've had to ask for an extender. I took to only flying first class when I do fly, but since I'm retired basically just decided to drive everywhere. That was easier than losing the weight!

Aside from the seat belt extender humiliation, there's the joy of trying to get the tray table down or out of the arm rest and not being able to get it situated correctly. But my absolutely worst time was when I was in an aisle seat in coach and the two seats to the right of me were still empty. An older couple realized they'd be sitting next to me and the husband said to his wife in a voice loud enough that everyone in the area could hear "You sit next to the fatty -- I don't want her flab touching me." Thought I would just die right then.
That is so awful. I guess all you can do is remember that weight can go up and down, but an ugly personality lasts forever.
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