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I learned to ask for an aisle seat as well as an extender - I then lifted the outside arm rest and could hang my fatness into the aisle and not terribly crowd the person next to me.

In 2009 I flew a red eye flight and had this petite little thing next to me - she was so nice. She casually asked if I wanted to put my drink on her tray because it was obvious I could put my tray down. I was so embarassed even though she was trying to make it no big deal.

Fast forward to August 2011 - I was down to about 150 pounds and could fit easily in the seats. I was in the Atlanta airport and there are booths with HOMELAND SECURITY written over them. A very tall, beefy, no nonsense black woman montioned me over. She started at my license, at me, back at my license and then in a total DEADPAN voice she says "You're all set and congratulations" and hands my license back. Confused I was like "Excuse me?" She says again in a deadpan voice but also like she is talking to a child "You are ALL SET and congratulations on the weight loss." She could tell from my license pic. I muttered thanks and dashed off.

That was a great flight - tons of room to spare in the seat!! A WINDOW seat.


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