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Gosh, you guys, I'm already getting tired of figuring out the calorie counts in EVERYTHING. Is there a more efficient way to do this? Here is one thing I've done. I've written down everything I am planning on eating more or less most of this week and I calculated the number of calories per gram. Still, this involves using a calculator every single time. First I have to weigh to get the gram amount and then calculate. I'm just afraid I won't stick to this if I don't figure out a way to get more efficient. I already spent 45 minutes of my morning that was supposed to be used for my writing time dealing with food. Or is it that after a period of time you just figure out what you can get away with eating in a day and don't need to count? And my veggie salads are so elaborate. So much weighing and measuring...

Yesterday I did well until the evening, and it was my dad's birthday, so there was champagne and cake and well, you know the rest, I indulged and I was up .2 of a pound this morning. Blah. I am hoping for a major drop in water weight tomorrow!

@Turbo - wow, it was warmer where you are than here! It was spring-like Friday and Saturday and then suddenly yesterday we had a bit of an icing event! No fun for me (I'm NOT a winter person, lol)

@krampus - LOL! I like the term "Snake day" I think I will use that!
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