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alexis : How was your skiing day? Still did no maked it there this winter but it freakin rain all weeeeeeeeeeek. Destroying all the great fluffly snow. Bleeeeh. You say the weather was supposed to be hot.. I don't like skiing when it is above freezing point, the snow is melting and it makes big bumps on the slopes when people break.. and it makes me fall LOL

Bayzee : siesta and margarita... I totally understand how you can miss them LOL Yummm barley. I never think about making them!

Joss : you are already much ahead in term of modeling anything when are you starting with you trainer?

olehcat : I love your plan So detailed!!! I had a falldown during the weekend so it feels great about reading of people getting back in control of their stuff!!

krampus : playing with 5 caaaaaats! it was probably a marvelous momennnnnt! and yes RESTOOOO ahahah. I'm always confused how to write it in english... restaurent.. restarent... so I was like OH WHATEVER I wrote worst grammatical stuff on this forum!


I had a friend over from Montreal yesterday and we decided not going snowshoeing because, well, it was raining (HELLO WINTER WHAT IS GOING ON WITH YOU). We instead had a princess day, watch tons of girly movie and felt really bad after eating wayyyy too much candies. Back in control today after this sugar hangover.

I did NOTHING today, I wanted to go for a run but it was raining again. The boyfriend watched a ton of football and I can't wait for this to be over so i can watch the golden globes (I'm a big hollywood gossips and news fan bwahaha). I always freak the boyfriend with my Hollywood knowledge (but he is really BAD (who is this guy? - a country singer, he's married to Nicole Kidman - Oh I did not know she was married - yeah she married him a while divorcing Tom Cruse - She was married to Tom Cruse? - ... WHERE WERE YOUUUU DURING THIS TIME!???!?)

Anyways. Can't wait to shake this up this week with healthy meals and trainiiiiing. Oh yeahhhh
Next race : Sherbrooke Half-Marathon, June 29th 2013!

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