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Two days ago the realization hit that Am2 the Queen/Empress of her own life was suffering from a malaise of spirit, as has been the case off and on for a while, actually. Due not at all to this malaise of spirit, she was also starting to once again GAIN (bah) the teeniest bit of weight so she occupied herself somewhat pursuing her favorite hobby, that of being a frustrated personal trainer and sports nutritionist, though she is neither of these things in real life, but she does experiment a lot on her own agin' bod a lot in the areas of weight management and fitness, having once weighed A WHOLE HECK OF A LOT MORE than she does now. That was almost two decades ago now, in another time and place and Am2, Queen/Empress, has evolved into a different person (but somehow the same) in body, mind and spirit, evolving every year and growing older, wiser (sometimes) and nicer (sometimes), less employed, lol, let's face it we are no royal spring chicken here anymore.

But we still LOVE our one and only body, mind & spirit and kind of really like ourself in general, actually and want to continue to maintain the downward pound creep that has been going on ever since January 2012, when we found we had GAINED a little weight back up to 150 from a low of 117. We putzed up & down all year but managed to lose 16.2 pounds with an eye to reaching 125. We did not reach 125 and now have a goal to be in the 120s (129.8 or something) by or on February 10, our weigh-in following the holidays of Imbolic and before St. Valentine's Day. SOOOO, we were planning on losing a bit more weight last week but we gained.

It is all due to the calorie creep, a dreaded disease in the realm, we are just eating too many calories, everything else is on track.

So, to make a long story short, which I never do, we started this little challenge for ourselves to see how many consecutive days we can stay at a GOOD CALORIE LEVEL, as defined by us as anywhere up to 2000 at the highest (not good but not forbidden) and however low we want to go because let's face it we never go as low as some think we should, but we do calorie cycle and we do know we are always okay, even binging if we never go over 2000.

This is Day 2, meaning in our count that we have stayed at a GOOD CALORIE LEVEL for two full days and are working on the third day.

And, no, we haven't been anywhere near 2000 in those two days.

The Queen/Empress Am2 & all her imaginary diet fairie friends are rejoicing and feeling in good control, but we do NOT know what will happen in the Sacred Ceremony of the Golden Scale o' Dietary Justice this Sunday because earlier in the week, we just ate too much.

So we are back, the Queen/Empress of Am2 Calorie Control, and having fun with this little challenge but crossin' our fingers for a NICE RESULT (a loss or maintain) this Sunday.

Hear ye, hear ye, we are BACK in the saddle again, pard! Sooner or later this weight creep elevator is going DOWN!
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