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S/C/G: 160/123/???

Height: 5'7


Day 1: exercised (elliptical + weights)
Day 2: exercised (went for a run!)
Day 3: exercised (weights)
Day 4: exercised (run + weights)
Day 5: exercised (elliptical)
Day 6: exercised (long walk)
Day 7: exercised (elliptical + weights)
Day 8: exercised (run)
Day 9: exercised (elliptical)
Day 10: exercised (walking + weights)
Day 11: exercised (tiny bit of elliptical + yoga)
Day 12: exercised (elliptical + weights)
Day 13: exercised (elliptical)
Day 14: exercised (elliptical)
Day 15: exercised (elliptical + weights)
Day 16: exercised (run) The weather did get nicer (cold, but clear) so I finally went for my first run since being sick. Can't believe I've been doing this since december 26th! Keeping focused on 3 weeks at a time is so much easier.

Good luck, Aidanqm! I think I'm going to try a diet goal on my next cycle through.
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