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Is it Friday yet?
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Happy Wednesday everyone... the week's 1/2 over!

Some interesting developements since I last posted. My Mom and stepfather took me out to my Grandma's land to supposedly survey the new horse run then my stepfather mentioned how good a house would look there... My Mom and stepfather are deeding my late Grandma's property over to me "since I was going to end up with it anyway someday". Mom started cryin', I started cryin'... all while trying to figure out where my front door should be. So, I'm going out this weekend to look at houses... I'm really going to move this year .
It's an odd feeling though - this land was where my Grandma was going to build her house, but she passed away before she built. A close friend said I'll probably have her looking over my shoulder to make sure it's up to her standards!

KarenK - I'll keep your kitty in my thoughts. I hope everything works out. What is happening with her?

Well, back to work... ug, it's so hard to get out of vacation mode!

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