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Good morning! I was reading through all of the posts here while I ate my dry quaker oat squares - so while not fully focusing only on the food, I have soaked up good thoughts here. On Thursdays a coworker and I volunteer with a reading program at a school then go to Subway for lunch afterward, and it's always 6" turkey on wheat or if I'm wanting something "heavier", a 6" veggie pattie on wheat. I am a creature of habit at times And will really struggle to not get any baked chips. I don't need them, don't want them (?) and they're not on my plan. I don't want the apple slices, either. A sandwich is sufficient.

Is anyone familiar with the young Scottish girl's blog Never Seconds - became very popular last year? I'd like to touch on that in another post. I started reading her very early on and am so amazed at the power of one

Did well last night - dinner was put on a bowl of lettuce/tomatoes/onions and we cut the portions down substantially. Do not have a plan for dinner yet - but will have it before I leave work. I would like to go lighter as tomorrow is part 1 of date night... Dinner tomorrow night at a favorite restaurant on a reservoir (a little upscale and healthy cooked options), and concert on Saturday night ... DH works both days and doesn't get home until later, so we cannot do both in one evening.

FutureFitChick - Have a good time; be safe. I know your thoughts will still be heavy, but enjoy the beauty around you on your trip!

BillBlueEyes - I was getting aggravated right along with you on the repair issue. Major credit for trying it and solving it! And saving the time and big bucks!

IBelieveInMe2 - Great job for thinking ahead as to what will work for you in the long run. No tricks, no magic food combinations, but it's how you will limit the indulgences and eat wiser that seems to be the key. Prepping a food plan doesn't take a long time - maybe do it for the week when you're getting ready to hit the market. If you go to the same restaurants typically, you know their menus and can choose the lighter options ... I ate out a LOT with my last job, traveling with sports teams and more often than not, they were fast food spots, yet still lost 60 pounds with weight watchers - it's in our choices and speaking up for what you want. I haven't been planning as much as I need to, so thank you for bringing that up.

NatureGirl - Good for you for rolling with the flow and not stressing about it - you didn't "bust" your resolutions - Life happened and credit that you didn't eat your way through your frustration. Thankful that the storm didn't do damage.

GardenerJoy - Today's your day to break that little streak - you're aware of it and that's half the battle! You deserve a healthy eating day today!

BeverlyJoy - GREAT job with all the credits. I know exactly the feeling of, "oh no, I missed lunch and now it's so late." Good reminder that that's all it was - not that we won't eat again. Thankfully we're fortunate enough to still have 20 out of 21 meals this week. And kudos for holding off any more eating after your evening snack!

Maryann - Enjoy your last day in Vermont today! And I, too, would be longing for your California weather! Sounds like you've done superb on your trip, sticking to your no refined sugar/wheat plan.

BethFromDayton - I'm proud of you for thinking of what activity you can do that won't bother your shin splints more - instead of just thinking, oh well, sidelined for a while. Great job! I'm with you on morning protein! I love it but need to cook up some stuff in advance. DH loves it, too, when he's home and think that's where my prepped eggs went... hm. Here's to a day Four on plan! (was yesterday day 3?)

So close ... now so far!

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