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Hello Everyone! I read and completed Day 1 of The Beck Diet Solution (pink) book yesterday. I have made several lists of why I wanted to lose weight in the past, but I created a brand new list of 23 Advantages of Losing Weight. Very helpful ~ again!!! Now, I need to remember to follow through with reading it at least twice a day and to let it serve as constant motivation for me.

I forced myself to sit down to eat breakfast and lunch today. That sounds so basic, but I have been standing to eat most meals for a long time now. I remember reading about the importance of sitting down to eat, but had just reverted back to old habits and put that tip on the back burner. Good lesson to relearn and practice!

gardenerjoy: Good for you that you recognized that you were trying to eat away your frustration. Give yourself credit for that! BTW, congratulations on your incredible weight loss and for getting under your goal weight!!! That is wonderful!!!

nationalparker: I also saw that Beck email (or read in the book) about getting right back on track after a slip. The visuals are really helpful. It was also helpful for me to do a new list on the advantages of losing weight. It brought back the excitement of the process for me! Hope it will do the same for you.

bethFromDayton: I love the thoughts you inserted between the eating trigger (i.e., seeing the piece of cake) and deciding whether or not to eat it. Great and helpful responses!

BillBlueEyes: Good job on remaining in control and eating reasonably with all of that yummy food to tempt you! You seem to be a wealth of information! I applaud you on your weight loss and years of maintenance!!! Hooray for you! I look forward to learning a lot from you!

I don't mean to leave anyone out. Just still getting familiar with the group and with each one of you. Happy to be here!
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