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Originally Posted by PamC View Post
Okay, so I'm in week two and really surprised at how much I'm liking this diet. I'm 100% OP and plan on staying that way.

However, here's my question. I have an event I'm going to Sat. night, a wine tasting of Cabernets. I love wine and this is something I've been looking forward to.

If I limit myself to a glass of wine, how much will that set me back? If I'm 100% otherwise? My next weigh in is on Tuesday.

Can you plan ahead for something like this knowing you will go a little off plan?

Diet aside, along with all the real reasons for not cheating, but, how in the world do you plan to go to a wine tasting and only have ONE glass? This is both unrealistic and just plain torture. Why do that to yourself???? Maybe still go to the event, but don't even have that one glass. Enjoy the company of your friends. And, most likely, you will be the talk of the evening by being the 'water drinker' at a wine tasting. Drive your friends, then you can say you are the DD and not even have to bring up the IP Program.
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