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The body works in ways we just dont know yet especially when we think about weight loss. There are a bunch of theories about the obesity epidemic and for me the one thats making sense right now is the hormonal issue. That what we eat affects our hormones and that directly effects our metabolism and how stuff is stored and so on. Fructose and Sucrose I think is a good example of this they are used by the body differently even though they are carbohydrates. Calcium is involved in the hormonal processes too:
with thyroid hormones and insulin resistance.
Im not convinced that there is only one factor involved like if you ONLY reduced X youll lose weight and never have a weight issue. I think that all these factors play together to effect your body weight and I think that you might be onto something. Calcium/Magnesium/Potassium all kind of interact too, so changing one has kind of a waterfall effect on the others too and that can effect other processes.
I have for a long time been of the mindset that its just calories in vs calories out. And maybe simplistically this is true because if you reduce calories and do more stuff you'll lose weight. The question is what do you reduce and what effect does that have on you. Like if you say OK Im gonna eat 1200 calories a day of fish, veggies and eggs. Youll lose weight but is it ALL because of the reduced calories or there a big effect by reducing the carbs and sugars in your diet? If you say OK 1200 calories of dairy and veggies only and you lose weight, is that cause of the calorie reduction or are there other factors involved, like the increased milk proteins effect a process in your body. This is the state of research today and this is where things get complicated cause this is when the Dairy Board and Egg Board and all these commercial guys get involved with studies they fund to prove that their part of your diet gives you maximum benefits. It wouldnt surprise me if Calcium has a role in weight loss.
Thanks for the post!

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