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Good afternoon! I was down 1 pound today at Weight Watchers and I'm very pleased with that. I rewarded myself for losing weight over the holidays by having acrylic nails put on yesterday. This afternoon I will plan out my menu and exercise schedule for next week and that way I can do some prep for it tomorrow.

I went out with friends for dinner last night and they wanted Mexican, which I'm not too fond of to begin with. I ordered 3 California fish tacos and it came with a huge bowl of rice. The tacos we actually on 2 tacos shells each. I removed the grilled fish and cabbage from the shells, added a little salsa and that was my dinner. The rice went back with only one bite taken and it wasn't very good so why eat it.

I adopted a 10-month old deaf cat (yes, he's all white with green eyes) last April from the ASCPA. He had been in the shelter for 16 weeks and they were afraid he'd never be adopted. He doesn't get along with other pets or children (they probably scare him since he can't hear them coming). It worked out well for us because I am a widow and have no family. He loves my friends and is sure anyone that comes to the house has come to see him, not me. He is never more than 3 feet away from me.

Have a wonderful afternoon and evening.

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