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Thumbs up Saturday - National Bird Day

Diet Coaches/Buddies – Did my rehab exercises twice, CREDIT moi, working hard stepping down that continues to pinpoint my neediest muscles. Also did gym with a minimal set of wimpy lunges (that tweak the recovering parts) and some weights along with the stationary bike. I'm bored reporting about rehab exercises, but more bored doing them; so I'll keep typing about them to help keep me on track.

Food was on plan, CREDIT moi, with one snack just a tad larger than planned, Ouch. I learned that cucumbers kept longer than a week become translucent and limpish. I'll buy some fresh ones today and DW will remove the older ones to the compost. She has no difficulty tossing inedible food from the fridge - every couple needs one partner with that skill. I can do it once they've turned black enough. But than a major scrubbing is required, so early removal is the winning strategy.

Big deal is that I did some clothes shopping - CREDIT moi since i'd rather have teeth pulled. Specifically, I said to DW, "Would you order me four black turtlenecks from L.L.Bean?" So it wasn't terribly difficult. It just took admitting that being washed twice a week all winter for about four years had extracted the joy from the cotton.

onebyone – Yes indeed, Kudos for "credit for not having it" - it's hard to binge on what's not there.

Beverlyjoy – Yay for the performer back on stage. Kudos for doing what you had to do with the chocolates and candy canes - that's what garages and car trunks are for.

FutureFitChick – Continue to send supportive thoughts as you and your DH walk the path with your pup. Couldn't help but smile at the image of you and pup eating cauliflower-turkey soup together. [I'll give the BOSU a try; it sounds difficult on one leg.]

BigchiefDavid – Kudos for not hitting the talkers in the theater - I've heard of that happening more frequently lately. When DW was in the hospital recovering from DD's birth over Halloween, I inherited the task of DS's costume. Bad news. I don't sew and don't create costumes. And he wanted to be a banana! Fortunately, desperation and laziness won; I safety-pinned a square of yellow cloth around his neck and he was the world's happiest Banana Man, LOL.

nationalparker – That sounds as deadly as they do yummy, "small grilled cheese croutons" - hope those don't make it into my life. Kudos for making it out into 15 degrees. Florida might get full if we all head off there at once, LOL.

Readers -
chapter 2
What Really Makes You Eat

Eating Begins with a Trigger

Then there are emotional triggers. These are unpleasant feeling, such as anger, sadness, anxiety, frustration, or boredom. You eat to comfort or distract yourself. Emotional triggers can also be pleasant feelings. You might think that if you eat or keep eating, you can keep that good feeling going. Or you might eat because you think your good feeling will go away if you restrict yourself.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 29.
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