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Hi, Coaches and Buddies.

Yesterday I made a turkey for pup and me. (DH is vegetarian.) It came out pretty well, but Aslyn still only took a few bites. Upon DH's suggestion I pureed it with some cauliflower and she licked at that several more times. She seems to eat better if I am eating the same thing at the same time. So, I may have lots of meat in the immediate future. Pup is still doing very poorly and DH is really struggling. He cried yesterday more than I have ever seen him cry. I think this would be much less difficult on him if his mother had not been a complete jerk about our past decisions to euthanize pets that were suffering and had no hope of recovery after years of extensive veterinary/home veterinary care. I worry about her quality of life, however, Aslyn remains very "bright, alert, and responsive" as they say. She can only walk a few steps with both of us carrying her. (I have been getting in some serious weightlifting CREDITS the last few days of ~120 pounds of dog.) I know I can't force his decision though. She is our dog and all I can do is pray and try to point out that she won't get better (even with thousands of dollars of oncology) and that she has very low quality of life.

Eating yesterday was a little off pattern, as I ate my turkey/lunch/dinner at 2 PM and had a bit more turkey at 7 PM. Breakfast this morning was on plan.

BillBlueEyes, glad to know how much that bite of brownie and beans were not on your mind! When you master the still book task, please share how you did it. Hope your PT can give you guidance on the painful step. For the BOSU, I would recommend start on two feet first, then gradually lifting the leg higher and higher off the surface (either side is challenging) as you master your balance. It is great on the core too.

Lexxiss, congratulations to you, because I KNOW you did not find pantry comfort yesterday! I am glad you were able to diffuse the family tensions for now. That must be really hard. We live hours from any of our family, so we get to miss out on that dynamic. But, we also miss out on the fun stuff too. Hang in there!

NationalParker, I love your idea of PLANNING for tea while waiting for DH. My husband works 1 hour away, so if he works a little late and I get home a little early and am hungry, I often make my dinner and eat before he gets home. Thanks for the idea. Also, I edited that link yesterday. This should work so if you want you can you try it again.
We also had 2 cats and 2 dogs. Then my aunt died and we inherited her two awesome cats from her as well. That was a lot of fur! One of my aunt's cats really did not care for other pets, until it was just her and Aslyn. Only then did they relax more around each other. I really found it helpful to add more litter boxes to help create more kitty community peace. I never got as high as the recommended (# Litter boxes = # cats + 1), but I religiously cleaned them out daily. Having boxes in completely different spaces also helped ease tensions between the cats as well. I find it strange that that helped, but it did and is a fairly cheap solution.
I hear you about the grilled cheese. If DH makes a grilled cheese (he is a naturally-thin-jerky-person that has never struggled with the amount of junk he eats) he will put one thin slice of soy cheese on. If I make one, I am wanting to
get out ever cheese we have and pill it on.

OnebyOne, congratulations on loosing after the holidays! Yea! They are OVER!!! Good luck on getting organized for your show. I had no appreciation how much work artisans have to go through to prep for those. But, I can see what a good booth and an OK booth look like. It sounds like you are preparing for and outstanding one! Thank you so much for your kindness and your support!

VioletDolphin83, welcome to the forum! I hope you find this is a great bunch of kind and helpful people. I look forward to getting to know you.
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