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Turbo - You and me both sister! I split a seam on my workout pants I swear to God! LOL I think most of us Feathers have a LOT of damage to undo in January... February too in my case! Did you have a good time though?

Alexis - I can't 'ease' back into eating healthy, otherwise I start to make bad choices and it ends up being "Eh, what's one more day?" (Hence the NINE days I ate like total crap just recently...) but to each her own!

As far as weights go, you know I'm all about them so I definitely recommend you try again. As far as bulking up, thats all about your diet. If you eat at a deficit and lift I bet you won't feel that way.

I currently do a split like this;
Mon/Wed/Fri/Sat - Weights and a bit of cardio to warm-up
Tues/Thurs/Sun - Cardio
As you can see, that doesn't really leave time for rest...

What I am switching to is a rotation of 2 days of weights 1 day of cardio, repeated twice for a total of 9 days and then a full day of rest. I got into AMAZING shape doing that before and I think the added emphasis on weights will do me good.

As far as school, I'm going to get my degree as a personal trainer. The program is very hands on and involves working with actual clients, doing externships at gyms and such. It's also an actual DEGREE program as opposed to a 'certificate' which is all most trainers have. Scary that personal trainers can get certified online!

OhThePlaces - We pretty much had the same experience over the holidays! LOL what a bunch of little piggies we are.
I have decided not to weigh though, so you're braver than I for that! I KNOW I gained and I've also decided to change up my routine so the numbers would be funky anyway. I don't want the number on the scale to discourage me from working toward more muscle like it did the past year. So... I'm putting it away for a while and when I like what I see, I'll weigh myself just to see what the number is.

I do know what you mean about moving. It's hard for me also because I feel like his house is full of HIS stuff, and I need him to make room for me so it can be OUR house. Fortunately (in this regard anyway) I'll have the house to myself for 8 months to decorate and re-arrange things as I see fit.

Krampus - I worked out about half of the days I was with my husband and my body definitely needed the rest, but holy cow am I sore! I totally understand!

Yeah, I decided this year I'm focusing less on the scale (for real! haha) and more on the mirror. I want Jessica Biel's Blade Trinity arms this year, and I'm not really that far off. I think if I keep lifting heavy and don't focus on the scale I won't be overdoing it on cardio and killing my gains.

These will be mine...

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