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Picture time! In no particular order...

Here my husband and I are, showing you not only a couple of the bottles he drank recently but his frat boy decorating style. Um, yeah... this will not last.

Our bedroom furniture and new linens! Definitely more rustic than my style, but he liked it and I like him to be happy.

Ironically he is visiting his brother right now and realized that his brother has the exact same bedroom furniture! What are the odds?!

Me shooting a bit on Christmas Eve day

My hubby and I on Christmas Eve (see, I wasn't kidding about them partying out in the barn at the Ranch...)

This is my HEALTHY dinner I made tonight; zuchinni, chicken, yellow squash, bacon, onion, garlic and a dash of Italian dressing on top.

Me on NYE, going out for dinner.

Aaand this is what I ate at that dinner (brace yourselves) -
First, in addition to the bread with amazing compound butters, we had this lobster, bacon and green chile macaroni and cheese (the things sticking out of the pot are fried tortillas) -

Then for my entree I had this bison, topped with smoked salmon and bernaise sauce. Under it are pom frites, roasted butternut squash and apples, and a summer veggie medley -

THEN, my husband was full but I ordered dessert, and since it was the last meal of 2012 I opted for their sampler, for which you could choose 3 of their desserts from the menu to put together. I chose the butterscotch pumpkin cheesecake, the drunken bread pudding, and the baked apples. I ate every single bite of this -

OH, and then I ate a pint of Oreo Blast ice cream while watching a movie... hahaha.

Thats pretty much it for pictures. I felt bloated and gross so I didn't really take a lot of them this trip!
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