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you chicks are cracking me up. Me cut a tree down? with a chain saw? You all don't know how weak I am in my old age. I boxed up the artificial tree.

Rhonda, sorry the babies are sick. You were having 5 of them over tonight, right? Yes, it will be quiet. I heard about Hillary yesterday. Hope she is doing ok and they get the clot dissolved or whatever they do with them.

sloan, I don't envy you. Remember I did mine last summer. It feels really good when it all comes together. Good luck.

Sandra, do you stay up till midnight? Half the time I fall asleep.

Maryann, welcome back and sorry you are sick.

Nancy, during the holidays, taking a tree down means taking the Christmas tree down. I wouldn't know how to even start a chain saw.

Went shopping and got fabric to make a bed skirt. I don't like the tailored ones, prefer gathered bed skirts. I'm going to make a white one with a band of grey zebra near the bottom, for a bit of interest.

Have a Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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