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I stuck with the last challenge and made good progress, but wasn't able to plug my final numbers in until well after the new year. I'm happy to start on another challenge! However, I'm going to tweak the dates to correspond with my weekly TOPS weigh-ins.

New Year's Resolution: To lose 52 pounds by December 31, 2013! That's obviously one pound per week, and will put me at an unfathomable 175 pounds.

From New Year's to Valentine's Day, my resolution is: To average a one pound loss every week, which will bring me down to 220! This is especially important to me since I've never been anywhere under 220 since junior high. I was going for 5 per month during the last challenge, but given my results that seemed slightly ambitious. Losing about one pound per week is both realistic for me and very easy to track.

Oh, and one other goal: I was hoping to fit into a particular orange shirt by Christmas. While it definitely fits, it doesn't look so good on me yet. I figure another 5 pounds or so may be enough, so I would just love to be able to wear the shirt for a fancy Valentine's Day dinner! If I make it I'll post a photo here!

So, here goes the challenge!

* * *

Starting weight (as of December 19th, my final weigh-in of 2012): 227

Week one (Jan 2nd)
Goal Weight: 226
... Actual weight: 226
Notes: No meeting and no official weigh-in this week or the last, but I sneaked off to the hospital yesterday and borrowed the same scale we always use. Good to know I'm on schedule so far! I'm going to work extra hard this week, despite spending this weekend at Grandma's house! I really, really want to hit 220 by Valentine's if I can make it.

Week two (Jan 9th)
Goal Weight: 225
... Actual weight: 225
Notes: I made it I made it I made it!!! Even though I spent a few days in California at Grandma's, where there was a lot of eating out and other potential treats that I managed to cope with alright. Feels great to hit my goal for the week!

Week three (Jan 16th)
Goal Weight: 224
... Actual weight: 223
Notes: I am in shock that I lost 2 pounds this week! Maybe I'm catching up from my holiday stall? I did work extra hard so maybe I earned it; I'm hoping that working extra hard this coming week will yield similar results. I simply cannot wait to get to the two-teens and I'm closer than ever.

Week four (Jan 23rd)
Goal Weight: 223
... Actual weight: 221
Notes: I can't believe I've gotten ahead of schedule!!! Can I possibly keep this pace up by Valentine's day? Only one more pound to my mini-goal of 220!!!

Week five (Jan 30th)
Goal Weight: 222
... Actual weight: 222
Notes: Well goodness, I hopped right back nearly up a pound. So much for being ahead of schedule, lol. But I can't complain at all, I'm right at my goal so I'm making good progress. Still can't wait to see the scale dip down below 220! I have a feeling that I might have gone up a little due to the C25K training I started the night before my weigh-in.

Week six (Feb 6th)
Goal Weight: 221
... Actual weight: 221
Notes: Hmm, right on schedule. Only one week to go! Can I actually reach 220 by then? Stay tuned to find out!

Week seven (Feb 13th)
Goal Weight: 220
... Actual weight: 220
Notes: Well, I'm technically at 220.25, but I've been rounding my numbers to the nearest pound. I was secretly hoping to get slightly under 220, but that will definitely happen in the next challenge anyway, and possibly at my next weigh-in! I'm slightly disappointed that I'm not more excited over reaching a specific. long-awaited goal that felt completely impossible for ages, but maybe it just hasn't sunk in yet? I spent so many years wistfully longing to get down to 220, and here I finally am. It feels so surreal.

★ Goal for 2017: Get down to 220 ★
★ Ultimate Goal: 150 ★

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