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Originally Posted by Fishette View Post
Diane - go to the MFP website (not the app) and get into the Friends section. At some point you can search for new friends. Enter my name: 3fcFishette
Once we're friends I can let you see my diary and the things I do with it. I like using the app more than the website, but you can only search for a friend on the website.
The other thing you can only do on the website is adjust goals. My coach told me IP is approx 50% protein, 30 far, 20 carbs. I adjusted that & then adjusted calories for <1000/day. I rarely hit that but on the off-chance that I do ( and still OP), I'd rather not show going over.
I have the same user name on MFP as here. The support over there from 3fc-IP friends has been great!
Another thing to do us make sure settings read that friends can see your diary, otherwise you'll have friends who can't really learn from you or support you b /c they can't see what you've entered!

MFP is available to anyone with a computer but can also be accessed they mobile app.
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