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Congratulations Sophie, such wonderful news!!! Love the name too!

Jenne I'll keep my fingers crossed a new and better job comes your way soon.

Sorry so late today, my DS and I celebrated Christmas today. He is napping currently lol. I should be the one napping as I am working the overnight tour tonight. He enjoyed his gifts even though we had to exchange the BIG Crafstman toolbox as it had a manufacturing defect. He took it in stride. I had a little melt down after we got home. Clumsy me dropped my very expensive hair dryer on the floor. Totally killing it and causing it to smoke heavily. Thankfully no fire or outlet damage. It took me over two hours to dry my hair using a flatiron. Oh well I rush ordered a new one, so hopefully I won't need to wash my hair until it comes in (my Christmas gift using a little holiday money received)

Getting ready to start dinner. Keeping it simple grilled chicken with bacon and Swiss plus mixed veggies. Tomorrow Joe is coming for dinner. I will indulge in dessert tomorrow, but then I am done. My weight is holding despite the very poor choices I have made the past two weeks. I really believe exercising regularly is helping me maintain.

Enjoy your time with family and friends today and always

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