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Good morning I was much more successful at sleeping in this morning. Even the cats cooperated. Now I'm sipping my coffee and plotting my day. Tomorrow we head to NY for dinner with the folks. It will be just a quick overnight stop then back home Wed. to enjoy more time off. Of course I have a project list for the time but haven't looked at it yet. I was bitten by the holiday cooking bug. Today I'm making another batch of the cookies to bring with us, then two or three side dishes for tomorrow (Brussels sprouts weren't part of the plan but I have some so might make them anyway).

I am deep in ruminating mood these days. It's been such a ridiculous year. I am reminded again that life is completely unpredictable and most of what happens is outside our control. There is at least as much joy and happiness as there is sadness and loss and the trick is just remembering there will always be balance, making the most of the good moments and holding on to hope in the dark ones.

Ruth - I turned the cranberry crunch into Christmas crunch - used both cranberries & apricots (and 50% more), some nutmeg, cardamon & a small bit of orange extract in the chocolate. I wanted to make it prettier Next year I might add orange peel instead of extract, just for a little more color.

Now to get some breakfast and plan something fun before I get into heavy cooking mode.

ETA - Jenn - so sorry about your news. For some reason I completely misread on facebook and thought you were set. I know something will turn up for you, something that you will love. You are obviously incredibly talented.
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